Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Barrel or Three Years?

A little over a month ago, a man named Alex Johnson went missing. From what I have read and hear, he was a pretty stand up guy. No one had any clue why anyone would be out to get him. After weeks and weeks of searching, Alex was found- in a barrel, in the Kentucky River.

About a week ago, I watched the preview for a film called "Dreams of a Life". It is based on the true story of Joyce Vincent, a London socialite, who died alone in her home, wrapping Christmas presents. No one really looked into her missing. No one knew she had died until her body was discovered...THREE YEARS LATER.

Although deceased, I'm sure that Alex would have liked to know that so many people searched relentlessly for him. But what about Joyce? Who wants to know that they died and no one knew for three years?

People go missing, everyday. People who have family and friends. People who have jobs and hobbies. People like you and me. People.

This Sunday, I am going to a friend's Superbowl party. I look forward to having a couple of drinks, catching up with some folks, and picking out my favorite Superbowl commercials. Afterwards, I'll go home, relax, and get myself ready for the work week. I imagine that quite a few people have plans that are similar to mine.

This Sunday, while many of us are partaking in our Superbowl  festivities, a number of people who are missing from "our world" will be fully present in the world of sex trafficking. People who have family and friends. People who had jobs and hobbies.  People who were sold or kidnapped. People who will be raped and abused. People who, may not be dead, but wish they were. People.

Let us realize that there is a world of things that happen outside of us, everyday. Let us open our minds and think, open our mouths and speak, and open our hearts and take action. No one wants to know that they were missing for three years and no one even wondered or cared enough to take action.

Click here to read more about human trafficking at the Superbowl

If you are in the Bluegrass area, click here to learn more and find out how you can get involved

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